MANDEVILLA Sun Parasol® Pretty Crimson (Sunmanderemi, USPP #16449)

MANDEVILLA – From Keepsake Plants – Florida


Sun Parasol® Pretty Crimson (Sunmanderemi, USPP #16449)

Pretty Group

Blooms the most; 2-3” flowers. Upright habit. Very good branching; vigorous growth. 3-12 month cultivation. Suitable for 4-12” pots and baskets.

Sun Parasol® Mandevillas are Stunning, Striking & Spectacular, our Mandevillas are known for their superior performance, heat tolerance, fast/vigorous growth & excellent branching.

Additional information

Finished Sizes

1 Gallon

Liner Sizes

72 Cell Tray, 4.5in Pre-finished Pot


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