Aris at a Glance

An overview of the company

Corporate Headquarters

Aris Horticulture, Inc.

115 Third Street SE, Barberton, Ohio 44203-0230



Fax: 330.745.3098


Keepsake Plants®: Young starter plants and finished product for retailers/growers. Located in Fort Myers, Florida

Keepsake Plants®: High quality potted finished plants. Located in Leamington, Ontario

Green Leaf Plants®: Young starter plants for growers. Located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Must Have Perennials®: Coordinates between breeders and growers to get their plants into the market.

Key Personnel

Adam Wiskind, Chairman

Bill Rasbach,
Vice Chairman

Scott Schaefer,
President and Chief Executive Officer

Liz Lipscomb, Director of Human Resources

Tim Gartrell,
Director of Sales

Blair Hoey,
Managing Director,
Green Leaf Plants®
(Smoketown, Pennsylvania)

Jeremy McGurk, Managing Director, Keepsake Plants®
(Fort Myers, Florida)

Shane McGivern, Managing Director, Keepsake Plants® Ltd.
(Leamington, Canada)

Paul Gooderham
Managing Director,
Must Have Perennials®


1920 by Menno and Ira Yoder


Leading producer of Perennials, florist Keepsake® Azaleas, tropical Tradewinds® Hibiscus, Hydrangea, Sun Parasol® Mandevilla, Pot Mums, Garden Mums, Asters and more


A look into the history of Aris Horticulture