Tradewinds® Hibiscus – Liner

Tradewinds® Hibiscus

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Create a tropical oasis with Tradewinds® Hibiscus. 

Tradewinds® Hibiscus has been a leading tropical hibiscus breeder for 35 years. Our quality is not just noticeable through high-bud count and large exotic blooms, but also by the attractive glossy green foliage that serves as a backdrop to our continuous blooming hibiscus. Tradewinds® Hibiscus looks stunning in designer containers or in the landscape.

Grown in Alva, Florida, Tradewinds® reflect a tropical lifestyle sought by homeowners, lifestyle gurus and just about everyone regardless of where they live. Professional and hobby growers, or those new to gardening, have come to love and cherish Tradewinds® Hibiscus.


  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • White
  • Bi-Color
  • Tri-Color
ProductFormFrom Location
Hibiscus48 Tray 2-Cutting LinerFlorida
Hibiscus4.5″ Quick Start LinerFlorida